ELCJHL Says Goodbye to Aelabouni Family

Today marks the sending of a family very dear to the ELCJHL. Bishop-Elect Dr. Meghan Aelabouni, ELCA MENA Area Director Rev. Gabi Aelabouni, and their three children Ethan, Natalie, and Luke, conclude their five meaningful years of ministry with the ELCJHL today, embarking tomorrow back to the United States where Rev. Dr. Meghan will serve as Bishop of the ELCA Rocky Mountain Synod. Reverends Gabi and Meghan began their time with the ELCJHL as YAGM Co-Coordinators, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We were blessed to continue ministry with them as Rev. Gabi stepped into his current role with the ELCA in 2020, and Rev. Meghan into her role as Theologian in Residence and co-pastor of the English Speaking congregation of Redeemer Lutheran later in. Gabi and Meghan both exhibit a deep understanding of our context, our faith, and our community. Their advocacy and outreach as part of our ELCJHL family has had such a positive and significant impact on our Church, and we know they carry a piece of the ELCJHL with them as they go. We wish God’s blessings upon each of them as they begin their new chapter, their family will be in our prayers, and we hope to see them again soon in Palestine.
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